Bat: Zoom Pro

Bat Zoom Pro

Zoom Pro the easiest way to improve your game.Medium-soft core and harder outer veneers. Due to the special bonding, the energy is released step by stepand continuously released. The Zoom Pro is very easy to play and gives you a very good balance between speed, feeling and weight.


It plays very variable and is suitable for all offensive game systems. From aggressive top spin playersto half distance to block and counter at the table. The blade provides precision and pressure in the offensive game. It never forgets the importance of control and flexibility and offers an unsurpassed feeling in a passive play.


The Zoom Pro develops a lot of speed and is very precise and controlled. The fine- tuned-5 layer veneers provide an excellent ball contact time and completely new gaming experience. The Zoom Pro is a topblade in this speed class and first choice when you are looking for a high quality blade. This modern blade has its followers among players of all divisions.


Speed:  88

Control:  86

Weight:  85g

Characteristics:  OFF-

Layers:  5



The GEWO Stratos sound is a consequent further development of last years top rubbers. After intensive research scientists were finally able to produce a tension sponge that does not lack speed despite the softness.


All regular rubbers with soft sponge before were a little too slow. This is changing now. With Stratos sound you have both. Built-in sound and high speed just like playing with harder state-of-the-art sponges.


Stratos sound has a very special touch and feeling providing highest flexibility to the player. Your movements on hitting the ball get shorter. Your play is more active and more difficult to read for your opponent. The feeling of a speedglued rubber is the extra many players had been waiting for. Test this new weapon!


The fourth rubber generation has the object to control speed and spin in perfect harmony with the blade. The 38° sponge provides the optimum trajectory of speedglued rubbers. Built-in speedglue effect and perfect control combined in one rubber.


Speed:  106

Control:  100

Spin:  105

Hardness  soft

Characeristics  OF-



Gewo Return Drive is a versatile rubber with a high degree of elasticity. Players who prefer a high level of spin plus good control, without any loss of speed, will enjoy playing with the GEWO Return series.


The Return Drive is a classic all-round rubber. The tacky, and highly elastic rubber surface, creates shots with utmost spin for both topspin and chop. The elastic, soft sponge provides excellent feel on the ball for precision play with topspin, chop and blocked strokes.


Speed:  85

Control:  96

Spin:  96

Hardness  soft+

Characeristics  AR


Griffformen: konkav / anatomisch / gerade