Hybrid Carbon A/Speed

Ultralight all-round blade for ultimate control. The balsa ply provides for exact and to-the-point feedback when the blade hits ball. With maximum reliability in all playing situations, this extraordinary all-round blade enables precise placement and reduces the number of unforced errors. The built-in CFL Technology provides for excellent speed and acceleration. With Hybrid Carbon A/Speed you will always be in control of all types of strokes and any playing situation. Thanks to the low weight of this all-round blade, you can easily vary the amount of spin or suddenly switch to a different strategy in the rally. The ideal blade for versatile all-round players relying on speed/spin variations to win the point.


Speed: 89
Control: 100
Weight: 75g
Characteristics: AR+
Layers: 5+2

Models: flaired / anatomic / straight

Blades: Allround Blades: Hybrid Carbon A/Speed