Balasa Carbon 375

GEWO Balsa Carbon 375 is a modern premium-end ALL blade. State-of-the-art materials and the soft balsa give the blade the feel and control you will need in all passive playing situations. In addition, GEWO Balsa Carbon 375 provides sufficient power for starting your own controlled attacking any time you're ready. Perfect blade for versatile all-rounders relying on precise placement and speed variations to win points. Modern defenders taking every opportunity for own attacks will also be inspired. High-tech 1K-Carbon combined with the proven balsa material provides for a larger sweet spot.



Speed; 84


Control: 99


Weight: 75g


Characteristics:  AR


Layers:  3+2


Models: flaired / anatomic / straight / penholder

Blades: Allround Blades: Balsa Carbon 375