Return Chop

A new weapon, for all defensive and control players. The Return Chop is a soft, tacky rubber which readily absorbs spin. The very soft, responsive surface of the rubber gives great feel and control while optimising the spin variations produced.


This rubber provides the potential for the player to produce a well-controlled receipt of serve, accurate ball-placement during rallies and also a well-controlled offensive shot that wins the point. The GEWO Return Chop displays great strengths at all stages of the game.1.9 mm version is highly suitable for controlled offensive play, especially on the back hand.


Speed:   69
Control:   97
Spin:   97
Hardness:  soft
Characteristics:  DEF/AR

Sponge: 1,1 / 1,3 / 1,5 / 1,7 / 1,9

Color: red / black

Rubber: Defensiv Rubber: Return Chop