GEWO Tisch SC 25 Premium


High-Tech „made in Germany“ setting a new standard!

GEWO SC 25 Premium is the premium model of the GEWO table series. Pure elegance, long life, compactness, stability, maximum and state-of-the-art safety standards plus excellent and consistent bouncing – GEWO SC 25 Premium is the perfect choice! Two years of development resulted in an innovative High-Class competition table which is delivered fully assembled and is ready for use once you have removed the packaging.

The “dynamic” design of the table reflects everything that makes table tennis so fascinating: The special-grain surface (25 mm thick) made of hard-wearing fine chipboard with paint top finish provides for very consistent bouncing of the ball and excellent feel. “Skidding” of the ball is reduced significantly – this is a great point of sale considering the shift from celluloid to poly balls.
Great design, space saving and sophisticated safety systems for intuitive and safe handling. This table is excellent art of engineering “made in Germany”. 125 mm ball-bearing swivel casters with rubber tread and two parking brakes ensure a safe stand in training and competition.

Thanks to the elaborate and intuitive mechanical interlock/safety system, the GEWO SC 25 Premium is easy to use and provides for maximum safety.
The SC (“super compact”) system developed for GEWO enables easy folding of the table via the “SC gear” (special functional unit connecting the two 25 mm table elements).
GEWO SC 25 Premium is ITTF approved for use in league competition. The SC 25 Premium is the top-end product in the GEWO table series as regards state-of-the-art design, durability, minimum space requirements, high-quality playing features and setup/takedown safety.
The sophisticated design also considered additional details: with a 400 mm clearance between the edge of the table and the frame, it meets all requirements of wheelchair sports. Each of the 4 table legs is equipped with adjustable feet for perfect adjustment of the height of the table on the players’ sides. The table comes fully assembled and packed in special cardboard packaging.
The steel tube and reinforcement frames which are screwed to the surface and joined using stable corner connectors provide for maximum stability during use, setup/takedown, moving, transport and storage.

  • GEWO SC 25 Premium is ITTF approved and meets the European standard requirements of DIN EN 14468-1.
  • 5 year GEWO long-life warranty for frame components and mechanical system.
  • very space-saving storage dimensions:
    – storage dimensions (table in parking position): 1525mm (length) / 478mm (width) / 1620mm (height)
    – packaging dimensions (table in cardboard packaging): 1540mm (length) / 410mm (width) / 1680mm (height)
  • Weight: Table unpacked: 121kg; packed table ready for shipment: 130.5kg
  • Surface: 25 mm green or blue
  • Frames: Steel tube frame 50 x 20 mm and reinforcing frame 30 x 20 mm (powder coated)
  • Folding leg: 60 mm (stand) welded with round tubes incl. adjustable feet
  • Undercarriage: Round tube 60 mm (stand) welded with 50 mm crossbar
  • Gearing mechanism: Special functional unit including leg folder bar (flat oval tube 50 x 20 mm), galvanized screws
  • Pivot points / functional parts: Square tube braces 40 x 20 mm, screwed to surface at several points, galvanized screws
  • Casters: 2 swivel casters 125 mm with parking brake, 2 swivel casters 125 mm, ball bearing mounted slewing ring and wheel (metal case / plastic wheel with abrasion-proof rubber tread)
  • Meets all requirements of wheelchair sports
  • High-Tech „made in Germany“





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