GEWO Holz Aruna Kids

African Champion Relies on GEWO! Wherever Quadri Aruna is about to compete, spectators around the world know that they will get the most spectacular rallies for their money. The multiple ...

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GEWO Schlägerkoffer Alu-Safe

Very sturdy aluminum case for lasting protection of your table tennis racket – High quality – Modern design – eccentric lock – Thick foam padding with recesses for a TT ...

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GEWO Tisch SC 25 Premium

High-Tech „made in Germany“ setting a new standard! GEWO SC 25 Premium is the premium model of the GEWO table series. Pure elegance, long life, compactness, stability, maximum and state-of-the-art ...

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GEWO Holz Karas Scepter

Aleksandar Karakaševi? (“King Kara”) still is a synonym for extraordinary feel for the ball and spectacular topspin strokes. It is, above all, his spectacular backhand which leaves his fans speechless ...

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