GEWO Tisch SC 25 Premium

High-Tech „made in Germany“ setting a new standard! GEWO SC 25 Premium is the premium model of the GEWO table series. Pure elegance, long life, compactness, stability, maximum and state-of-the-art ...

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GEWO Schläger PS Blast Carbon Pro

GEWO PS Blast Carbon Pro The masterpiece of the PS Blast series: top class table tennis bat for the ambitious hobby or club player. Developed by Quadri Aruna. Coverings: GEWO ...

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GEWO Holz In-Force ARC OFF-

GEWO Force Series – Dynamics, precision, innovation The success story continues! It all started in 2011 with Force ARC Off and the story is now contin-ued with the new GEWO ...

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GEWO Belag Codexx Pro 53 SuperSelect

For uncompromising powerplay Dynamic hardness, maximum speed and vicious spin. GEWO Codexx Pro 53 SuperSelect is a powerful and reliable weapon for uncom¬promising close-to-the-table players. The feedback we received from ...

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